Why choose Wind & Solar?

Living in a sustainable home powered exclusively by renewable energy is the dream of every green-minded homeowner. The mere thought of jumping off the energy grid — and all the environment and financial benefits such a move would create — gets all the adrenalin flowing.

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Evaluate Your Home

In a perfectly green world, your home (castle, if you prefer) would be 100% energy-efficient and constantly be at peak performance. Unfortunately, most homes don’t even come close. Poor insulation, loose-fitting doors and leaky windows are among the culprits that cost you lost energy and wasted money.

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About Us

Don't be held hostage to an uncertain future. Take control now, and end high-energy costs forever. With an energy audit of your home, you begin a natural progression to the freedom and well being that comes with owning a highly sustainable, environmentally friendly home. Have you ever thought of getting off the grid by turning your house green with wind and solar energy? We’ll help get you started on the process — it's easy and exciting!

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